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SPECIAL REPORT - Live@5 Steffen Rowe - SARSCov2 is in Fact a Bio-Weapon as is the Vaccine

Yeah, I know, this is a bit scary, truth of it is that this has been suspected for ALL of the supposed viral outbreaks possibly all the way back to Polio where the Polio vaccine resulted in 72 new versions of Polio - as an example Cronic Fatigue Syndrome and Muscular Dystrophy are two the Medical Science refuses to admit to. Your greatest defense to this sick, twisted bio-weapon release is NOT in getting Vaccinated or wearing a mask or keeping distance from anyone but it can be found in a number of things many of you already do - I'm NOT kidding at all when I state this list and everything on this list should be something you are doing as much of each day as possible, some you might be able to do once per week or maybe per month. Best Defense List: Be Happy! Belly Laugh when ever you can! Be Positive, think Positive, speak Positive, act Positive, pray or meditate often, hug everyone you love excessively, praise everyone you can find reason to, appreciate everything and everyone, try to Accept everything and everyone, try to Allow everything and everyone to be however they are, try to Embrace everything and everyone within your heart, try to Release everything and everyone from your judgement to be and do as they will, especially towards yourself - all these (this is called Purus Amare - or Pure Love!)! Get as much of your skin into the sun as you dare! Drink lots of clean, pure water, eat only excellent, organic, lovingly made foods! Eat a little less, consider water fasting till 4pm then eat something wonderrful with someone you like or love very much! Walk some place beautiful with someone you care about or just by yourself for the quiet wonder of it, see the world in your mind as encouraging you to Love Bigger, give Thanks more and as helping you evolve into a Greater You than ever! Visualize everything that Inspires you coming to Life in a Very Big Way! Covertly give compassion and aid to someone in need, express Raw Blessing quietly to everyone around you! Breathe so Deeply that Pure Love itself just pours into you, head to toe! Tell everyone the thing that you notice is Beautiful or wonderful or amazing about them! All of these expressions of "Purus Amare" (Pure Love) Keep Us Healthy and Vibrant as well all those that come anywhere near us! As a reward for watching to the very end - a surprise awaits you that is kind of fun! ...and if you want more of or about LifeForce, simply go visit and signup at (you might need to copy and paste this into your browser since this blog tech does Not support dynamic hot links)
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