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8-15-2021 Sunday Meeting with Kim & Tank - Truth About Trump & Biden

Edited version of 8/15/2021 Sunday's LifeForce meeting where I edited out everything (sorry Tank) except Kim's discussion of what is really going on, who Trump really is (yep, he's still President but NOT in a good way), who Biden really is and the actions that have taken place to deal with the abject evil of the Powers that should have never been - as fascinating as all this is, the take-away I'd like to suggest to you all embrace to the fullest extent you can is that we are still in the wake of the Lion's Gate time and as such your emotion filled, hugely positive visualization of the future is super important right now. But please do NOT visualize a future that includes Trump as supreme leader making everything right because he won't, he is Not capable and never has been - just another actor on the world stage doing the bidding of the dark ones - instead image a world where Pure Love is the core, where there is no policing required, where all live in harmony, freedom and love, where are free to express and experience however they will keeping TWO very simple rules; Hurt NO one and Keep your promises & contracts, that's it! A world where survival no longer is no longer the core objective like it has been for so long. The Love of Money is only partly the root of all evil, it is in fact Survival, at least for humans, the fear based obsession of Never having enough to survive - never enough food, water, air, warmth, shelter all mixed with the other big fear of having to always be ready to defend life & limb against fellow human's - this should Not ever Be - Dream of a Better World where the Rule of Law boils own to just two things and where it is indelibly in the hearts and minds of all - producing a Self-Policing state of being where Love is really the primary expression and state of being - even for our non-human fellows (there are quite a few of these who we never see or whom we only see their human expression - many of these are very good beings and would happily participate with us in this way). We can do this, we can make this even better than Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future where everyone simply pursued what inspired them because everyone had a device that instantly made food, cloths and items of need - everyone - yeah, we can have that, the tech exists for Free Energy and even to not have need of food at all if one wished - kid you Not! The Lion's Gate time hyper supports easily and powerfully ALL Pure Love visualization where as the dark side must sacrifice MANY innocent ones and do much horror in order to get even a tiny fraction of what we can produce by simply visualizing, focusing intention and will towards a Pure Love world. This is simply because the Ether or Potential to BE anything is only easily formable and shapeable by a conscious being operating in Pure Love - Know this to be true - let it change you at the very core!
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