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1 Million Deaths from the Jab? This Could Very Well Be

This is hard - but just the truth of it - The Vaccinated are the ones getting sick, their bodies unable to defend against anything - This Jab is a multi-headed monster that DOES alter the DNA of the recipient, it does reduce the body's ability to defend itself, it is toxic beyond realization, the vaccine does have nano-particulate Graphene Oxide that is toxic and can be acted upon by simple cell frequencies, adjusted modulation and intensity to change thought, reaction or just flat out kill - the CDC was forced via law suit and FOIA request to confess that NO, Zero virus's have ever been isolated - WWIII is under way and each and every one of you has been targeted for extermination - take this seriously or you and your loved ones perrish and/or help the process of causing others to perrish - it is so serious and it is going to go way beyond what it is right now over the next year!
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